Gulf Crossings LLC (GCL) has a wide range of networking skills and talents in obtaining relevant information at a fraction of the cost. We evaluate our market position utilizing a targeted approach in achieve the required result within the committed time schedules. While in some events, GCL source out some of the specialized marketing firms within different sectors and consolidate the outcome to the costumer's satisfaction.

 GCL offers a number of unique advantages, whether you use GCL and our partners as Consultants, join us as a new Affinity Partner or Joint Venture Partner, or utilize GCL as your Sponsor or Local Service Agent. The main advantage is that whatever forms your association with GCL takes, you become part of the GCL infrastructure. GCL guarantees to provide "added value" to any company that wishes to associate with it. The existing affinity partner companies, joint venture companies, and those sponsored directly by GCL all combine to contribute contacts and introductions to assist you in running your business. Most Company Formation Consultants, and their "Sponsors", are of a very different nature, and tend to have no contact with their client companies until the annual fee is due again. GCL on the other hand aims to assist new companies and business partners on a continuing basis. Currently, GCL is involved in the IT market, the construction market, the oil & gas market and is always on the lookout for new niche associations with international companies looking to expand their operations into this part of the world.


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